• $15/per class
  • $60 for a package of 5 classes
  • $100 for a package of 10 classes
  • $109 for an unlimited monthly package without auto-draft
  • $99 for an unlimited monthly package with auto-draft 
  • Private yoga lessons available upon request, ask one of our instructors or contact us for more information. 


Beginner’s yoga is the perfect class for those looking to give yoga a try as well as those who are familiar with yoga but enjoy more gentle practice. We will focus on relaxation and breathwork as we move through a series of basic poses that can help increase flexibility, range of motion, stability and balance. Modifications for accessibility are provided and students are encouraged to practice at their own pace. This is a welcoming environment for all but primarily centered around students new to yoga or those who enjoy a gentle, meditative practice.

    CHAIR YOGA - Katie

    Good for all levels especially beginners or those with physical limitations. This class incorporates gentle postures while seated or with the aid of a chair. Postures focus on flexibility, balance, and breath. 

    YIN YOGA - Katie

    Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga which emphasizes stretching of the connective tissues and holding poses for longer periods of time. In a Yin yoga class, you will use props to support your body while holding postures for three to five minutes. You will focus on the breath and move slowly to find a deeper connection with your body. This class is perfect for those looking to gain a greater understanding of their body, learn to relax and slow down, and create space in their body and mind. 

    VINYASA FLOW - Katie

    Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic and energizing style of yoga that combines breath with movement. It is a powerful practice that strengthens the body and calms the mind. In a vinyasa class, poses are linked together in a flowing sequence, allowing practitioners to move their bodies and focus on their breath. This style of yoga is designed to increase flexibility, balance, and strength, while encouraging practitioners to let go of mental chatter and focus on the present moment. Suitable for all levels.

    POWER YOGA - Kim

    In this class, you will flow from pose to pose using the Power Yoga principles of foundation, mindfulness and breath. It is physically challenging and designed to transform your body, calm your mind, and make you feel alive. Get ready to breathe, move, sweat and smile! This class is suitable for all levels, as you can modify to suit your needs. Come often and create a routine power yoga practice to increase your flexibility, build strength and feel empowered. See you on the mat! 


    This class is a slower paced Power Yoga that will move and stretch your body with less intensity. If you are looking for strength and flexibility in a gentler format, this is the class for you!

    PILATES - Megan

    Megan likes to call her classes “Every Body’s Pilates” because she believes that everyone’s body is a body that can move to better health. Megan emphasizes an adaptable teaching style that accommodates all experience levels and works to support personalized health goals. 

    Pilates is a full body work out that has many benefits: improves muscle tone, enhances posture and spinal alignment, and increases strength and mobility- just to name a few! Each class is designed to target core strength and improve mobility. Pilates can look like a “low impact” workout because it uses specific muscle groups to create a full body work out. It definitely leaves you feeling accomplished and is a great addition to any fitness journey! Pilates is for anyone who is interested- all experience levels and movers are welcome!